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At 200,000+ streams across platforms, queer, non-binary, Indigenous pop singer/songwriter Siibii’s messages and representation presented within their debut EP For Those I Love(d) continues to land loud and clear.

Featuring breathtaking vocals paired with lyrics that traverse emotional terrains rugged and smooth, Siibii’s debut flows forth with a wisdom-rife, intimate vulnerability cascading through distinctly warm textures and catchy acoustic pop melodies.

With the album taking a Top 3 spot on Apple Music Pop Canada’s charts soon after its Summer 2020 release, the six-track EP’s debut single “Love Is Up The River” quickly garnered more than 20,000+ streams on Spotify and hit Top 10 on the NCI FM Indigenous Music Countdown hosted by SiriusXM Canada; single “Wish We Were Older” followed its path with another ~ 50,000 streams, hit #1 on the Indigenous Music Countdown and was featured on CBC North & APTN National News. The official music video also picked up a “Best Music Video” at the Toronto Indie Shorts Film Festival 2021 and they’ve recently picked up the Young Canadian Songwriters Award 2021 presented by SOCAN Foundation.

Originally from the Cree community of Mistissini, Quebec, and now based in Montreal, Siibii first started through the formation of their early indie folk outfit, Simple Human Tribe. Their solo work gained momentum in 2014 when they were selected for feature on the #1 iTunes chart-topping N’we Jinan compilation album, Eeyou Istchee Volume 1.

Ultimately, Siibii’s goal is to be that of a changemaker, noting the responsibility they feel to pursue their talent to create more representation within the industry for those who look and identify as they do.

“It’s important to see yourself in the world, and to have an image reflected back at you that accurately represents you,” they say. “To see that positive imagery is fundamental to a child; at least, it was to me. If you don’t see yourself in the world, you might come to question whether your existence is valid. I felt this way for many years while growing up and it was only when I saw more folks like me I realized it’s okay for me to take up space.”

“I want to do that for others,” Siibii continues. “In my own intersectionality, I represent so many more folks that are constantly under-represented in my communities and mainstream media. I want people to see me and know our existence is valid and needed; to feel like you’re not alone is a powerful thing.”

For Those I Love(d) is available now.


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