Jordan Hart

Second Prize Winner


Jordan Hart is a Gold-certified producer/singer-songwriter living in Toronto, Canada. His sound is often categorized as Contemporary/Roots with influences of Soul. Featured on YouTube performance platforms Mahogany and Alex Rainbird’s ‘Best of Folk’ series, as well as on Canadian mainstream television channels CTV, ETalk, Breakfast TV and Entertainment Tonight, Hart’s critically acclaimed debut EP ‘Only Pieces of the Truth’ struck a chord amongst tastemakers, and now has over 10 million streams across platforms. The emotive cinematic soundscapes of his EP made their way from studio to screen as his single “Whole” was featured on Grey’s Anatomy and single “Freedom” featured on award-winning animated short, ‘Free Bird,’ which doubles as the song’s music video.

While Hart’s success during the pandemic was centered around his recorded music, his live performance is what he has come to be known for. In 2018 Hart completed a 100 – Day Busking Challenge in which he played on streetcorners across Canada, often garnering audiences in the hundreds of unexpecting passers-by. While Hart is now a veteran headliner and is selling out shows across the country, you can still find him playing outside on the odd summer day where he first fell in love with performing music. Beyond his work as a solo artist, Hart is gaining an impressive track record as a producer and composer for other artists, working with the likes of Bulow, Kiesza, Lucky Rose, and Lonely in the Rain to name a few. While he continues to compose and produce for other artists, he has just begun working on his first full length album which is scheduled to be released in early 2023.



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