Alberta-born artist Murphy is carving her way into the industry with each new future hit. Her bold pop melodies have already begun to make listeners hum along and she is preparing for the next big step in her promising career. Murphy has become known for her magnetic sound, cultivating driving melodies with a unique flair. The honest nature of her lyrics quickly turns listeners into fans, connecting on a deeper level to her audience’s emotions and experiences. Today her sound is founded both on her love of pop music, alternative music and her love of EDM music. With over 750k+ streams on Spotify alone, her magnetism is irresistible both in her catchy melodies and in her exuberant, bubbly personality. She strives to create moments with her listeners, her live show a passionate performance which gracefully leads the audience through both their emotions and hers. Murphy is an artist that is hard to limit and even harder to forget. Her work continues to surprise listeners with its musicality and passion, catchy melodies that will be sure to have the audience coming back again and again.


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