Josh Alexander

Grand Prize Winner


Josh Alexander, the English pop sensation born on March 30, 2000, in Quebec City, is a versatile artist based in Montreal. He’s renowned as a songwriter, composer, and performer. His fluency in French, English, and Spanish has always been the wellspring of his emotional expression and creative inspiration. In 2018, he signed a pivotal management contract with Blu Dog Media, setting the stage for his songs “Je serai là” and “Not Alone” to feature in the globally distributed film “La Course des Tuques,” courtesy of Universal Music Canada in 2019. His debut EP, “Forevermore,” released in the fall of 2022, and his single “Hurricane” climbed to the 36th spot on Quebec’s ADISQ radio charts, amassing over 430,000 plays. Since 2018, an impressive collection of 12 collaborative compositions have been released, Josh is set to enchant audiences once more with his latest bilingual offerings, “Jusqu’à toi” and “Fly Away,” slated for the upcoming film “La Légende du Papillon” or “Butterfly Tales” on October 16, 2023. In 2023, Josh continues to shine brightly, placing 8 collaborated works with esteemed Quebec artists such as Jeannick Fournier and King Melrose, along with contributing to popular TV animated series like L’Agent Jean/Agent Jon Le Bon and MiniJean Mini Bulles/Mini Jon Mini Maple distributed by Radio Canada. With each passing day, Josh Alexander solidifies his presence in the international music scene, and it won’t be long before his music resonates worldwide.


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