Jake Feeney



Recordings made as an 8 year old in his father’s home studio, carry the same love for melody that Jake Feeney explores today. The songwriter has just released a new single “Sunrise”, after debuting his first album last year.  With 3 Bandcamp EP’s behind him, along with performances over the last few years at Canadian Music Week, Summerfolk Music Festival, and a finalist award from RBC’s Emerging Artist program, Feeney continues to push his own musical boundaries.

The self-taught guitarist brings his chops and campfire vocals to intimate performances in and around Toronto, finding that a yearning for ‘sad-yet-hopeful’ songs, is alive and well.

Feeney spent over a year meticulously recording and carving out his first full LP, Pipe Dreams, released on August 28, 2020. He evolved from folk to alternative in a distinct and authentic fashion.

These melodic, chilled-out 10 tracks create a cohesive divulgence of identity, love and inner turmoil. Layered with warm vocals and evocative lyrics, Feeney’s guitar work weaves itself in as a conversational, second voice throughout.

Produced from inception to masters in his own bedroom studio –  his music subtly takes modern cues from Bon Iver & Frank Ocean, showcasing roots of folk and fingerstyle guitar by the likes of The Tallest Man on Earth & Ben Howard.



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