Grand Prize Winner


Allydice is a Canadian Hip-Hop and R&B duo comprised of identical twin sisters Kayle and Kayla Allydice. Born to Jamaican parents, the twins were introduced to reggae and dancehall at an early age. Their love for music began with reggae, but it did not solely influence their current sound. At the tender age of 4, their mother discovered the girls could sing, so she took every opportunity to showcase their talent to friends and family. At the age of twelve, a local Boys and Girl club member (Akeem) took an interest in the twin’s music and began taking them to a recording studio located within Toronto’s St. Alban’s Boys and Girls club. There the twins would write and record music. Performing for various charity organizations, the twins gained experiences with performing, which would later translate into their seasoned performance abilities. For twelve plus years, Allydice has been performing around Toronto, perfecting their original sound, which is captivating to say the least. Most recently, the girls were featured on the national Canada’s Walk of Fame ETALK ‘Celebrating Greatness’ broadcast on CTV in December 2020.



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