Breagh Isabel

Gagnante du deuxième prix

À propos de l'artiste

Breagh Isabel is a Canadian songwriter, producer, and recording artist. Born and raised on Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia, she grew up in a musical family and trained as a jazz pianist. As a songwriter and producer, Breagh has a growing list of cuts including singles by Jocelyn Alice, BANNERS, and Donovan Woods. Her studio work ranges from singer-songwriter to pop. Most recently, her foray into composing and writing for film and television landed her a featured track on the Season 2 premiere of CW’s Batwoman.

A talented performer in her own right, Breagh’s voice has been likened to “strong medicine. » Her signature smoky delivery quietly features on the records of some of Canada’s most treasured artists — most recently Classified’s Billboard top 40 hit “Good News”. Breagh’s years spent working behind the scenes have inspired an artist project of her own. Her forthcoming debut single, “Girlfriends, » will be released on Warner Music Canada in 2021.



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